Meditation: Myths and Benefits

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Meditation: Myths and Benefits

Meditation, in recent times, has become a buzz word in the western civilisation. For a long time, the practice of meditation has been considered as an esoteric practice that only a few practiced. In reality, the eastern culture has been meditating for centuries in various forms. Yoga, Tai Chi, and even all forms of martial can be partially classified as meditation. Why is that? you may ask. This blog post will bust some of the myths around meditation and show you the benefits of meditating.

Meditation is the same as mindfulness

Meditation is a process in which your reflections are directed towards your inner self whereas mindfulness is being aware of the outward activities that you may be performing. Meditation certainly helps with mindfulness.

You need to be of a certain religion to be able to meditate

People from all religions can meditate or do that already in the form of the respective prayers. Those who pronounce themselves as atheists can meditate too. How is this done? I urge you to enrol in my workshop to find out more.

You need to be in a specific place or sitting on a specific way to be able to meditate

This is not true. All you really need is to be somewhere that may be considerably quiet or comfortable. You can meditate wherever and whenever you feel comfortable doing so. This brings me to explain why all the above-mentioned techniques such as yoga and even martial arts are some form of meditation. These techniques use the same principles of meditation where mastering your inner self and your thoughts is as important as the technique of these practices.

Your mind has to be free of all thought when meditating

Let me burst your bubble here!! We are human and it takes a special kind of individual that can eventually rid themselves of all thought. The way to deal with the thoughts that come to you while you are meditating is to acknowledge the thought and move on from it. And then slowly you will find that those thoughts will stop distracting you. And this is what we need to achieve!! I have been learning the technique of meditating since I was 3 years old and let me tell you I still have thoughts that some to me when I meditate.

You have to meditate for a certain length of time straight away

Start small and build on it. The first time you start begin with anything from 2 – 5 mins a time. As you become comfortable with doing nothing for that period, stop using a timer and see how long you can go without feeling fidgety.

As you can imagine, meditation has multiple benefits. I have listed a few here from personal experience. There are multiple scientific researches for the benefits which can be found online.

1. Increases Confidence

As you start feeling more centered and calmer through meditating regularly you will exude a level of confidence when you walk into any room and will know exactly what outcome you want from a meeting, presentation or what ever it is that you put your mind to.

2. Increases Focus

Meditation helps gain a laser of focus on the task at hand. As you learn to clear the thoughts that randomly come to you, you will find that you are more capable of dealing with them or classifying them as per priority.

3. Reduces Stress

We all are faced with stress at some stage in our lives and sometimes on a daily basis. Stress is not always negative. Positive occurrences, such as a wedding or a birthday party, can lead to stress. When some time is taken to meditate and take the mind of the never ending to do list, or the event that is causing stress, you then start to focus on a solution than on the problem itself.

4. Increases Mindfulness

As I have explained before, meditation helps increase mindfulness. Mindfulness helps you to be present in the moment that you experience. You become a more present parent, partner, friend, sister, or brother. You will find pleasure in the now and not worry about the future or keep reliving the past.

5. Increased Self – Awareness

When one starts to focus on one’s inner self, there is renewed awareness about oneself. You become more aware of what thoughts come to you and then controlling these towards more positive outcomes in life becomes easier.

The benefits of the ancient practice of mediation are endless and science has only just recently caught up to the fact.

If you are interested in finding out more don’t hesitate to reach out; or enrol in my workshop about meditation.

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